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Commitment & Teamwork

When I think of commitment, I am reminded of Canadian Geese. Did you know that geese mate for life? They have strong family bonds, and the family is always together from incubation until flight. The parents are terribly protective of their young. The gander guards the goose and nest and will fight anyone and anything that enters that forbidden territory. In fact, if you approach a goose on her nest, you will find that she remains calm and confident that her lifelong mate will appear and protect her with his wildly flapping wings and lots of honking! They are also very supportive, encouraging and protective of the others in their flock. They fly in a formation that makes it easier for each to remain in flight. When you hear their honking, they are shouting encouragement to the one who is in the lead. When the leader gets tired, they drop back, and another takes the lead. If one goose falls out of formation, two others will drop out and stay with the one who needs rest until they can rejoin the group. Canadian Geese are amazing examples of commitment, support, and teamwork.

Something to Think About
What a wonderful world it would be if all humans acted like Canadian Geese. At home and in the workplace.

Weekly Activity
Take a good look at your “flock” this week from your family to your friends to your colleagues in the office. Is there anyone who has “fallen from formation” that might need a little support? Is there a leader who could use some kudos? Is it a perfect time to tell those who help to keep you grounded, yet flying high a great big round dose of appreciation? Reach out to them!

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